The future of custom clothing is here!

Dye-sublimation is our latest and greatest printing process. It is slowly changing the customization of clothing. Dye sublimation is a full color printing process that has your design directly in the garment. Your design is printed onto high release paper and is transferred over to your garment using heat. Then the dye is turned into gasses that bond right into the polyester fibers of the garment creating a soft comfortable feeling. With dye-sublimation, you will still get the bold, professional look as you would get with screen printing and embroidery, but you don't get the heavy feeling of the ink on top of the shirt or the stiffness of the embroidery patches. The design on the shirt will never fade or crack and the fabric will stay breathable and comfortable. You can call us or email us to set up your own custom dye-sublimation right now!