Screen Printing

Reco Branding Solutions offers custom screen printing on T-shirts, hoodies, aprons, jerseys and many more. 

Screen Printing, also known as silk screen printing, is the most popular printing style for apparel. A lot of apparel that has a graphic design print on it has been screen printed. This process helps bring out vibrant colors on a garment for a very affordable price!

Today, screen printing starts off with creating a silk stencil, or screen, for each color that you want to be printed. The screens must be lined up on testers to make sure that the colors line up perfectly. Then, inks are pushed through the screens onto the garment one at a time. Finally, each garment is put into a dryer to cure the inks.

The Process

Start off with picking any style garment you want. There are many different style and brands and we know it can be difficult to pick,  but we have tried to help eliminate that confusion with our apparel page. After that, you come up with the colors that you want. If you can think of a color, we can mix it! The hard part is telling us what that color is. One of the easiest ways is to look in a Coated Pantone book which offers over 1,500 different colors! Find the exact color you want and tell us the numbers next to it. If you have a design made up, just email it over to us and we will do the rest. If you are having troubles coming up with a design then talk to some of our professionals to help you come up with perfect design that you need. 

How Much Does It Cost?

There are a lot of different factors that tie into the pricing of one order. It depends on what style of garment you want, how many of them do you want. Also, depends where you want the design to be printed at on the garment and how many different colors you want on it. You can set up an order, you can call us or you can email us today and we can send you a full quote. 

What Type of Screen Printing We Offer


Spot Color Screen Printing: 

This is the most common form of screen printing. This method works by pushing ink on the garment through a different stencil for each color. This creates very vibrant solid "spot" color. We can print up to as many as 6 different colors at the same time! If you needed more than 6 colors, it may be possible to achieve that with the half tone Screen printing.








Half Tone Screen Printing:

This process involves printing single or multiple colors in gradients. We can take a single color ink and turn it into two or more shades of the same color to give it more of an appealing affect.








 Full Color Screen Printing:

This process is mainly used for printing photographs or a very detailed design that involves a lot of different colors and gradients. This is a variety of different process's that are basically the same thing. We use index processing, stimulated processing and some others. If you send us your image or design, we will use whatever process we have to use in order to make it look as real as possible!