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Reco has been producing quality branded products since 2001 for a variety of markets.  Our combination of in house services and network of manufacturers allows us to successfully handle any size job and customize just about any product you can think of.

Custom Apparel

Embroidery & Screen Printing have been staples of the decorated apparel industry for decades.  Not only have we mastered these arts but are constantly adding new decorating methods.  We are always watching current trends and working to keep our products and styles current so your target audience will love to wear your products.

Branded Merchandise

Branded Merchandise qualifies as just about any product you can think of with your logo, brand, or message.  We pride our selves in providing high quality products that will be cherished and used reducing the amount of products that end up in land fills.  Let us help you find that perfect item that will make a lasting impression and generate strong relationships with your audience.



Implementing a successful promotional program or creating retail quality presentations of your branded products and be extremely time consuming and complicated.  Kitting includes combining products that work together in creative ways to increase the effectiveness of your message.  We can help you put together an impressive collection of products that work together maximizing your impact.


& Finishing

First impressions matter. Your package is the first thing your customer sees about you—so you need to make sure that impression is a good one. Packaging is a crucial part of your marketing mix, because its look and feel can alter how a customer feels about what's inside.


& Fufillment

Our E-Commerce and Fulfillment services take care of the busy work in your promotional or retail campaign.  We collect orders via your custom online store and ship products directly to your clients, staff or regional departments.  Our E-Commerce programs require minimum spends and are usually suited to larger businesses and programs.  However don't let this discourage you.  We have several solutions to help make your job easier!